‘The Weight of Blood’ review: Tiffany D. Jackson turns to horror to unveil the insidious nature of racism in her Carrie retelling

Tiffany D. Jackson returns with another brilliantly conceptualized novel, turning to horror in her latest book The Weight of Blood. A contemporary retelling of the classic horror novel Carrie, Tiffany D. Jackson reconceptualizes Stephen King’s original story in The Weight…

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ review: A new generation of slasher

The culmination of Gen Z and the digital age comes together in A24’s newest slasher whodunit, Bodies Bodies Bodies. Horror films aren’t afraid to poke fun at society, and it’s a movie genre that tends to showcase a hyper-exaggerated world…

‘The Quarry’ review: A next gen Supermassive slasher

A new terror awaits in the woods of Supermassive Games’ latest slasher, The Quarry. Picking up classic horror elements of summer camps and teen victims, The Quarry feels like a nostalgic ’80s B-horror movie you’d find on the shelf at…

‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ premiere review: first episode starts off bland with unsettling gore

Milage may vary for viewers of Netflix’s ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor.’ But that doesn’t mean some won’t enjoy this dark, magical tale.

Watch the first trailer for ‘Midnight Mass’ from the creator of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

Watch the first trailer for ‘Midnight Mass’ from the creator of the Netflix horror series ‘The Haunting of Hill House.’

Netflix limited horror series ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ introduces eerie, morally gray characters in first trailer

All three films of Netflix’s Fear Street may have already hit the streaming service, but Netflix isn’t done with its row of horror stories. Netflix released the intense trailer for the new limited horror series, Brand New Cherry Flavor, July…

‘The Taking of Jake Livingston’ review: Ryan Douglass evokes ‘Get Out’ in his horror debut

Ryan Douglass’s debut young adult horror novel, The Taking of Jake Livingston, captures the pain of navigating high school as a Black gay teen.