Music Premiere: Olivia Rox Introduces “Been This Way B4”

Pop/pop-rock singer-songwriter Olivia Rox unveils a brand-new single, “Been This Way B4,” via Songbird Records. “Been This Way B4” highlights taking back your power when you find yourself in a toxic relationship. Olivia Rox’s father is legendary jazz saxophonist Warren…

Album Review: Gwynn Gold Releases ‘Land of Honey’

Pop-rock artist Gwynn Gold recently released her debut album, Land of Honey, a 12-track collection produced by six-time Grammy-winner Jimmy Hoyson. Gwynn explains, “It plucks snapshots from life experiences—most of them my own—in order to craft a piece of art…

Music Premiere: Marshall Oakman Releases “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman”

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Marshall Oakman introduces “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman,” a track lifted from his upcoming EP.

Music Video Premiere: Gwynn Gold – “My Blue Eyes”

Pittsburgh pop-rock singer-songwriter Gwynn Gold introduces the visuals for “My Blue Eyes,” a song from her upcoming debut album, Land of Honey.

Music Video Premiere: Vonnie Kyle – “The Brink of Breaking Down”

Vonnie Kyle turns it loose on “The Verge of Breaking Down,” rolling out luscious pop-rock with gusto.

Music Premiere: Robert Eberle Drops Debut EP – ‘Where’s My Mind’

At once wistful and exquisite, Where’s My Mind shivers with deep emotions exploring the byzantine realms of life.

Ridiculous B!tch Debuts Heavyweight Self-Titled EP

Skintight, taut with primordial patterns, and gravitational tones, the icing on the cake called Ridiculous B!tch is the bravura voice of Karen Xerri.