Album Review: Go To Space Die Releases ‘Red Air Don’t Care’

Space rock/prog-rock artist Go To Space Die just released his debut instrumental album, Red Air Don’t Care. Go To Space Die is the brainchild of drummer Dagan Thogerson, who sits in the pocket for indie-rock outfit Murder by Death. On…

“Hushed and Grim” Review: The new album from Mastodon is complex and innovative

Nowadays most artists focus on releasing singles, especially in pop and EDM, and then later package them into EPs or albums. Why? Because of streaming platforms, playlists, and “music consumption,” which pushes artists and labels to pursue “album equivalents,” witnessed…

Album review: Grey Fields Drop Lucent ‘Vesna’

Simultaneously translucent and alluring, Vesna bestows graceful successions of opulent, yet moody prog-rock capped by pensive vocals.

Music Premiere: Plain Mister Smith Releases Silky, Melodic “Strange Strangers”

Plain Mister Smith introduces his brand-new single, “Strange Strangers,” featuring Jordan Klassen. “Strange Strangers” is lifted from Plain Mister Smith’s upcoming self-titled EP. The genesis of the EP occurred, according to Plain Mister Smith, aka Mark Jowett, when he experienced…

Album review: Sandy’s releases superlative ‘Magic Mind’

Suffused with wisps of ‘70s hallucinogenic tangs, as well as suggestions of elusive surf-rock, Magic Mind is magically alluring and oh so creative.