Ian Krietzberg
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Ian is a passionate writer, serving as the managing editor for his college newspaper, The Signal, and a reporter for Patch.com in addition to his work here, with TYF. More specifically, he is a passionate interviewer and is constantly seeking out in-depth conversations with career musicians and songwriters, having notably spoken with Set It Off and Five For Fighting. He is also an avid reader and ceaseless consumer of a wide variety of TV shows, films, and, of course, tons of music (especially early 2000s rock).

Interview: January Jane on songwriting and their upcoming EP ‘Your Drug’

Pat Via and Mitch Mitchell of January Jane talk songwriting and break down their upcoming EP.

Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves Interview: On songwriting and the new record

Andrew Fullerton and Matt Orlando talk songwriting and the new record.

Lisa Crawley Interview: On songwriting and the new EP

Lisa Crawley talks songwriting and breaks down the new record.

3 Doors Down Interview: Brad Arnold on Songwriting, The Better Life Tour, and New Music

Brad Arnold of talks 20 years of 3 Doors Down, songwriting, and new music.

Van Scott Interview: Scott Oatley breaks down his debut album

Van Scott talks music and breaks down his upcoming debut album.

Music Premiere: Lord Baltimore releases new single

On July 23, alternative artist Lord Baltimore will release their latest single and music video with the track “Ketamine Tea.”

Heavenly Reyna Interview: On songwriting and “Exit” (Acoustic)

Twitch partner and social media influencer Heavenly Reyna on songwriting and her new single, ‘Exit’ (Acoustic).