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Aside of being young at heart, I’m daughter, wife, mom, friend, journalist, producer, programmer, editor, occasional voice over, etc.. and yes in this order. I’m Brazilian, originally from Sao Paulo and I moved to the US almost 14 years ago to pursue my masters degree in Broadcast Communication. I love all forms of artist manifestations especially movies and music! #movielover. My addictions are brigadeiro (it’s a unique Brazilian chocolate fudge), dulce de leche, caramel macchiato. Currently, I’m a writer for a local South Florida Brazilian newspaper called Gazeta News and a Channel Creative Manager for the leader in the development of entertainment products for VOD platforms in Latin America and the Caribbean here in Miami. You can follow me on Twitter at @jana1023 or www.janaoncamera.wordpress.com or Jana On Camera You Tube channel or via email (janaoncamera@gmail.com)