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Left Coast author and writer. A cigar smoker, he keeps snakes as pets. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen name of John Lee Brook.

New Music: Mama Said Releases “Diamonds & Cigarettes”

NorCal rock band Mama Said unveils “Diamonds & Cigarettes”, a track from Change in the Weather, their upcoming debut album, releasing in 2022. Co-written and produced by Jim McGorman in Los Angeles during the onset of the pandemic, if “Diamonds…

Album Review: Santana – ‘Blessings And Miracles’

Encompassing 15-tracks, ‘Blessings And Miracles’ by Santana features a handful of worthwhile songs, as well as some that are little more than sonic stuffing.

Album Review: Hank! – ‘Guilty Pleasures (Are the Best Ones)’

The new album from former Absent Boundaries member Hank Close, aka Hank!, is out now. Here’s a review of the country and alt-rock project.

Music Video Premiere: Crossroad Saints Unveil “A Song of Your Own”

Crossroad Saints deliver a dazzling Southern rock tune with “A Song of Your Own.” The addition of the brass section elevates the song from good to excellent.

Music Premiere: Gabby Holt Releases Her Debut EP – ‘The Star and The Devil’

‘The Star and The Devil’ is simultaneously muscular and compelling, yet the femme fatale voice of Gabby Holt saturates the songs in posh, exotic hues.

Album Review: Harborcoat Releases ‘Joy Is Elusive’ LP

The new Harborcoat album brims with retro tangs and luminous jangly guitars resulting in music simultaneously dazzlingly good and infectiously alluring.

Album Review: Astrid Swan Releases ‘D/other’

‘D/other’ is not your usual pop album. Instead, Astrid Swan presents lustrous flows of innovative pop amalgamated with cashmere art-pop savors.