Sticking to the Friendly Neighborhood in Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2

I’m gonna get a big big bucket of popcorn and Reeses Pieces and enjoy this flick on a hot July night! In Spider-Man Homecoming we’ll get to see Michael Keaton reprise his role as Birdman, Robert Downey Jr. give Tom Holland a 201 course in quipping on camera, and some long overdue fun in a Spider-Man movie.

This 6th installment in the Spider-Man franchise is the 3rd fresh start for Peter Parker, but most audiences have already met him in Captain America Civil War, so moviegoers are already confident they’ll love Tom Holland in his own feature as the beloved web head, in addition to the fact that it’s the first time that Marvel Studios will be creating a film in the Spider-Man world on behalf of Sony and Columbia Pictures, because they clearly have no idea what they’ve been doing for the last 10 years with this franchise.

Judging from the trailer, we’ll get to see a different kind of Spider-Man film here, not just from the tone and effects, but from the performances, particularly with Holland being the youngest performer to play Peter Parker, in addition to the fact that the film will be bypassing the origins of Spider-Man, and providing Peter with a different kind of father figure in Tony Stark, allowing for even more room for Robert Downey Jr. to grow in the character he’s played since 2008, at which time he was a reckless billionaire, and now following the events of Civil War is feeling the wight of the world on his shoulders, and responsibility for enabling a young person like Peter to make the mistakes he once did. All this is inferred from the trailer, of course. We don’t know what will and won’t end up on the cutting room floor, but so far, it looks to be the most on point depiction of Spider-Man to the big screen yet.