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SDCC 2017: The final season of Teen Wolf brings the gang back together

We all understand the pains of being a Teen Wolf fan at one point or another. The first season began and was met with a small contingent of enthusiastic fans and by the second, while the series was still scrappy, campy and undeniably silly, there were threads such as some character work, performances and darker themes that allowed for a large fan base to grow. The third missed the mark by trying too hard to grab hold of it’s “dark” and “gritty” new tone despite some tremendous focal performance and then, everything that had made the rough marks of the series shine, dulled.

Despite that, any promo that promises the return of Jackson, Derek and Stiles is going to catch any fans attention, even those who have sworn to the umpteenth time to QUIT THE DAMN SHOW AT ALL COSTS.

And here they are, reeling it me back in.

With the back half of season six, the final season, debuting on MTV on July 30th, we’ll have to wait and see if the series delivers on the promise of the trailers and big returns. Will the fan favorites be cameo’s only or will the series really being going out with a bang? At the very least, if it’s a bit of a dud, we’ll have Tyler Hoechlin showing up on the DC TV universe as Superman in Supergirl, Tyler Posey making a similar CW debut on next season of Jane the Virgin and Dylan O’Brien will be all over the place come September as he tries on the role of action hero in American Assassin. 

Who else is crossing their fingers the last season turns out better than we all expected? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the trailer!