From the Record Crate: The Strokes – “Is This It” (2001)

Growing up, the 1990s was my favorite decade of rock music. How could anybody deny a decade pioneered by artists like Nirvana, The Pixies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Smashing Pumpkins? But within the last four or five years, my…

From the Record Crate: One Direction – “Up All Night” (2011)

I listen to Up All Night, and I’m transported right back to 2011. The band members have, over the years, diverged into different directions, but their early albums immortalize One Direction. Up All Night is a time capsule that turns…

From the Record Crate: Tegan and Sara – “If It Was You” (2002)

We take a look back at the third studio album from Tegan and Sara, ‘If It Was You.’ The early-2000s record was a vastly creative and inventive project.

From the Record Crate: Avril Lavigne – “Let Go” (2002)

We take a look back at Avril Lavigne debut album ‘Let Go,’ which mixed relatable teen subject matter with authentic feelings and songwriting

From the Record Crate: J Dilla – ‘The Shining’ (2006)

The Shining’s main body of production consisted of J Dilla, Oxnard-born producer Madlib, and Detroit compatriot Kariem Riggins

From the Record Crate: Matchbox Twenty – ‘Mad Season’ (2000)

From the mild success of Tabitha’s Secret, which formed in 1990 and was dissolved by ‘95, Rob Thomas has gone on to become a prolific, critically-recognized singer and songwriter, both with the enormous success of his band, Matchbox Twenty, and…

From The Record Crate: Humble Pie – ‘Smokin’’ (1972)

One of the early so-called “supergroups” of the late ‘60s, Humble Pie, formed in 1969 and released Smokin’ in 1972—the band’s fifth studio album, as well as Humble Pie’s highest-charting album. Coming out of the starting gate in 1969, Humble…