Music Premiere: Slam Band and Sam Releases “New Stanque”

Pittsburgh-based rock, jazz, and funk outfit Slam Band and Sam introduces their new single, “New Stanque,” an appetizer for their forthcoming EP via The Vault Records. Made up of Adam Vasko (vocals), Anthony Bello (guitar, vocals), Mark Jackovic (saxophone), Mark…

Music Premiere: Arun O’Connor Releases “Too Far Gone”

New Zealand alt-country artist Arun O’Connor introduces his new single, “Too Far Gone,” a track from his forthcoming debut album, Songs From the Reading Room. Arun explains, “‘Too Far Gone’ is a song about the mistakes we make in life.…

Music Premiere: Queera Nightly Unveils “Pillow Talk”

Listen to a new song titled “Pillow Talk” from ‘The Girl Who Fell, Part II,’ the upcoming EP by Queera Nightly due out on Oct. 20

Music Video Premiere: Crossroad Saints Unveil “A Song of Your Own”

Crossroad Saints deliver a dazzling Southern rock tune with “A Song of Your Own.” The addition of the brass section elevates the song from good to excellent.

Music Premiere: Gabby Holt Releases Her Debut EP – ‘The Star and The Devil’

‘The Star and The Devil’ is simultaneously muscular and compelling, yet the femme fatale voice of Gabby Holt saturates the songs in posh, exotic hues.

Music Premiere: Marshall Oakman Releases “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman”

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Marshall Oakman introduces “She’s No Doll, She’s A Woman,” a track lifted from his upcoming EP.

New Music: Michael Brondstetter Releases “Sunset Silhouette”

Stylish and silky-smooth, yet rolling with creamy sonic undulations, “Sunset Silhouette” offers an enticing flow, topped by the yummy voice of Michael Brondstetter.