“22 Break” Album Review: Oh Wonder’s new album is intimate and vulnerable

The latest Oh Wonder album, ’22 Break’ is a break-up album written with the person you’re breaking up with.

The High Plains Drifters Release New EP – ‘Songs of Love and Loss’

The new EP from the High Plains Drifters, ‘Songs of Love and Loss,’ is an amalgamation of new wave flair with pop and alt-country/Americana nuances

‘Human’ Review: OneRepublic Comes Home on Latest Record

Human is a good album. It is cohesive and represents an interesting concept—a return to roots while still being musically progressive. Coming home while still moving on. And it is a concept that is executed quite well.

Album Review: John Mayer – ‘Sob Rock’

It’s hard to feel bad for John Mayer. In the 20 years since his debut album Room for Squares turned the Berklee dropout into a pop-rock heartthrob, Mayer has done practically everything any rock star would want to do: make…

‘Van Weezer’ review: Weezer’s ode to riffy classic rock is exactly what you’d expect

There’s no point in giving Weezer any kind of reaction anymore. Their place in alt-rock history is firmly cemented as emo godfathers, 70s rock preservationists, and pop song professionals. None of the lows they’ve endured (self-inflicted or otherwise) have tarnished…

‘Medicine at Midnight’ review: Foo Fighters’ failures continue but at least they’re not dull

For as legendary as the Foo Fighters are, outside of a few singled-out LPs, the group’s album-based consistency has been a disappointing affair—especially since 2011’s solid Wasting Light. Both Sonic Highways (2014) and Concrete and Gold (2017) are muddled-down attempts…

Album Review: Caroline Rose – “Superstar”

On her fourth album, Superstar, Caroline Rose concocts an irresistible and delightfully self-aware depiction of falling in love with fame. The slim album tracks a classic “girl meets celebrity, girl loses celebrity, girl vows to get celebrity back no matter what”…