Megan Herring
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Not afraid to get in over her head, Megan is a 20-year-old student at the University of Southern California studying Creative Writing and Film. An adventurous spirit, she enjoys hiking, climbing, SCUBA diving, and playing music in her spare time (if she ever gets any). Originally from the mountains of Missoula, Montana she has immersed herself into the “city life” of Los Angeles working on short film projects, publishing articles, and exploring. Megan has a book published as well as a number of scientific articles online through USCience Review and Scientific American. Currently, Megan writes screenplays and works on film sets with coworkers and fellow students while gaining a foothold in LA. A lover of all things entertainment, Megan is an avid science fiction fan using her background in science and literature to tell fantastical stories via both prose and picture.